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Handwriting Indicates Your Personality

“Good handwriting is the symbol of literacy”, said Mahatma Gandhi.

Do you feel embarrass when you are not able to read your own handwriting or if some one points you for bad handwriting. No doubts it’s a modern era and now we are using PC’s and laptops for our work but sometimes it happens that in several meetings you have to use chalk or pen to write something. We all have a temptation of writing better but unfortunately, some of us could not do it. Some of us even think that by using costly pen, we can write well. However, this has nothing to do with reality. A pen or pencil is not magical. It is your hand and fingers only that roll on a paper and do the magic. Now you do not need to look at your friend’s writing with tempted eyes. You can also improve it.

If you want to improve your handwriting you’re probably hoping a fountain pen will do the trick -- maybe a friend told you it would. A fountain pen may make your writing look a bit better, but if your writing looks as if frenzied chickens got loose on the page, chances are this won’t be enough. Most likely, you’ll need to retrain your arm and hand.

Tips for improving handwriting
It will take time to re-train muscles and learn new habits. Finger-writing isn’t fatal, but it is slow and often painful (if you have to write much). The first thing you must have is patience and gentleness with yourself. The second requirement is determination. If you finger-write, that is the first, most important thing you must un-learn: Do not draw your letters! Do not write with your fingers! Put up signs everywhere to remind you. Pleasant handwriting comes naturally to some people where as some of them get it by hard effort. Many people just keep struggling however, could not make it. In fact they do try but not in the stipulated or disciplined manner. You can go about improving your handwriting in several ways. It is not a heritage, one gets as a property of one’s ancestor. It is the outcome of the regular practice done in a well-planned way.

Most of us hold the pen between the thumb and index finger, resting the barrel on the middle finger. This works better than holding it between the thumb and the index and middle fingers, with the whole assembly resting on the ring finger. If you do it the first way, you’re off to a good start. If the second, you’ll be okay. In both, the remaining fingers are curled under the hand. Do remember, no one can bring sudden changes in your hands; it is an ongoing process, which needs rigorous practice.

Some facts to know

Set a target before you. Select a piece of handwriting you like most and try to copy it.

Choose a pen or pencil and buy a rule notebook, you are comfortable with, no matter it is wide or long.

Start with that sentence which you like most at the top of your first practice page. And keep on repeating the same sentence on a new page every week to judge your progress.

Start with letters and practice writing at least one letter in the complete page per day. Focus on the letter formation, how it begins, how it ends, what is its size etc.

Do not jump on writing words until you make it all the way through every letter. Once you move on to writing words, pay attention towards character spacing, letters flow from one into the next, and the spacing you give between two words.

Have an attitude of “never giving up”, keep your practice on until your handwriting looks as you wish it to.

As we all know practice makes the man perfect. So keep practicing and have patience if you really want to improve your handwriting. After some time you will find a dramatic change in your handwriting.

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