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Quartz Crystal in Feng Shui

" Its clarity and transparency give it a mirror quality through which things can be seen clearly. The natural quartz crystal symbolizes white light energy. "

The clear quartz crystals is one of the most sacred stones of ancient cultures. Its clarity and transparency give it a mirror quality through which things can be seen clearly. The natural quartz crystal symbolizes white light energy.

The power of the crystal can be found in its structure - growing and reaching up toward light from the deepest parts of earth. It is a conductor of energy - both as a receiver and a transmitter. It is important to keep your crystal clean in order to protect it from outside negative vibrations. Your personal crystals will attune themselves to your vibrations, as you will attune to the natural vibrations of the crystal. Choose crystals that seem to speak to you or that you feel attracted to for best results.

Clear quartz crystals have been used for centuries in healing. Egyptians used them in pyramids to attract the power contained in light. Their triangular shapes held mystical appeal. American Indians have long revered the crystal as a sacred symbol of light. Crystals have been used to cut a newborn's cord, and are often buried with the dead in addition to use in many ceremonies and rituals. In the Tibetan culture, crystals are considered sacred objects that are empowered with the elements. Many cultures carry them in pouches for protection from negativity.

Crystals have been used for healing the body, transforming the spirit, inspiring intuitive insight, guarding against negative vibrations, and smoothing the energy flows of spirit and body.

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