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Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement

If you are shopping at a plant nursery, garden center, or at Walmart, Home Depot, or any of the other zillion retailers carrying Lucky Bamboo these days, be sure to choose an arrangement with a bright green color and healthy leaves. Check to make sure the container is at least half-full of water, and try to see if there are some roots showing. Yellow or brown leaf tips, yellow stalks, bruising, or any sign of insect infestation indicates a less-than-healthy plant. If there’s soil in the pot, it should be moist -- not soaking wet or completely dried out. If you order or receive a Lucky Bamboo arrangement through the mail and it doesn’t look healthy when it arrives, contact the retailer immediately and arrange to exchange it.

Most Lucky Bamboo arrangements are grown hydroponically (in water), with small stones or marbles added to the pot for stability. The multiple stalks are often tied together with gold or red ribbon for additional good fortune. (If you find an arrangement you like that doesn’t have any ribbon, you can easily add some yourself when you get it home. Just be sure not to tie it too tightly, as that may damage the stalks.)

Curly stalks are more expensive because they have to be grown into those curves; some people believe them to have stronger luck, probably because they cost more! You can train your straight Lucky Bamboo stalks into curls with proper conditions and a lot of patience.

Water-grown Lucky Bamboo arrangements come in a ceramic or glass vase. The advantage of glass is you can see the rocks and water (and keep an eye on water level and quality more easily). The disadvantage is that if your arrangement will be getting more than minimal light it may trigger algae growth in the water. Algae need light to grown, so an opaque container is less likely to have this problem.

You may find Lucky Bamboo stalks for sale individually or in packets, unplanted, which means you can pick out your own container and stones (or marbles) and create your own arrangement. It also means you’ll have to root the stalks yourself, so unless you’ve successfully rooted and planted-up cuttings in the past you’re probably better off getting an arrangement already potted up.

How To Care For Lucky Bamboo ?

Cutting Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo Lucky

Lucky Bamboo Plant

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